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Professional Technical Support Crop Solutions Specialists

At InteliGro, training forms a very big part of our philosophy to help ensure that we have the right quality people in the field and supportive at head office, to add value to our clients.

We believe this is a big distinguishing factor for InteliGro and our approach to training is gaining further momentum.

We started a formal program in 2018 where external crop courses were presented and certificates obtained in different crops including potatoes, grapes, citrus and pomefruit and we are now in the process of developing InteliGro certified training modules that will add further value to our training programme.

InteliGro is very proud of the quality Crop Solution Specialists that are actively involved in the field to support growers with the right technical advice and support to help ensure good, quality yields.

As part of the support to the Crop Solution Specialists, InteliGro also have a strong technical team that include Soil Scientists, Horticulturist, Agronomists, and Entomologists. To ensure that the CCS stays in front with regards to the latest developments and solutions, InteliGro has high standard yearly training sessions on all the main crops including, Pomefruit, Stonefruit, Grapes, Citrus, Grain, Small Grain, Vegetables, Potatoes as well as selective other crops.

Supportive to this is also the yearly Biological training and Plant nutrition trainings that are very relevant in the industry. In addition to the technical training programs there is also training taking plase on leadership development, Professional development and business development. InteliGro is also proud to be part of the Croplife Continues Professional Development programme and most of the InteliGro Crop Solution Specialists have received their 2019 Accredited Croplife member cards.


André Erasmus

TMS: Crop Protection

AndreE@inteligro.co.za Contact

+27 83 251 3524

Technicon Pretoria: National Diploma in Agronomy Research & National Higher Diploma in Crop Protection

Andre obtained his AVCASA certificate in Crop Protection in August 1990 and is a member of CropLife SA.

Andre provides Technical and Marketing training to the InteliGro Crop Solution Specialists. He also provides Technical Agricultural services to farmers which include farm visits, interpretation of soil and leaf analysis, compilation of crop protection programmes and fertiliser programmes for producers.

Dirk van Eeden

TMS Manager: Crop Protection

DirkVE@inteligro.co.za Contact

+27 82 809 5453

University of Stellenbosch: BSc. Agric Hons

Dirk obtained his AVCASA certificate in Crop Protection in August 1989 and is a member of CropLife SA.

Dirk has 33 years’ experience in the Crop Protection industry and provide technical support to the InteliGro Crop Solution Specialists on an everyday basis.

Duane de Swardt

TMS Manager: Plant Nutrition

DuaneDS@inteligro.co.za Contact

+27 82 885 9089

University of Stellenbosch: MSc. Agric Hortology

Duane is part of a team that focus on specialised plant nutrition and InteliBio Solutions which includes product development, technical training, supplier relationships, specific crop nutrition recommendation programmes etc.

Duane has 30 years’ experience in plant nutrition and precision farming.

Jan van Zyl

TMS: Plant Nutrition

JanVZ@inteligro.co.za Contact

+27 83 283 8311

University of Stellenbosch: MSc. Agric Agronomy

Jan obtained his AVCASA certificate in Crop Protection in December 2018 and is a member of CropLife SA.

Jan has been working in the agricultural sector for 12 years. He provides Technical Agricultural services to farmers which include farm visits, interpretation of soil and leaf analysis, compilation of crop protection programmes and fertiliser programmes for producers.

Nerine Koch

TMS: Speciality Crops

NerineE@inteligro.co.za Contact

+27 82 649 0219

University of Stellenbosch: B. Agric

Specialising in speciality crops – figs, pomegranates, almonds, berries, strawberries, olives and fynbos.

Nerine has been with InteliGro since 2015, with accreditation at Croplife, BASOS and the Snyblomkwekersvereniging, and also associated with various other bodies. She has a passion for agriculture, especially hydroponics and fertigation, and through this she can suggest the best scientifically based options to producers. Her motto is to live and work with integrity and establish a sustainable partnership with farmers.

Rian Briedenhann

TMS: Plant Nutrition

RianE@inteligro.co.za Contact

+27 82 565 5504

University of the Orange Free State: BSc. Agric. Hons. (1988)
Major Subject: Soil Chemistry, Soil Physics, Pedology, Soil Nutrition
University of South Africa: Master of Business Leadership (MBL. 1995)
Tshwane University of Technology: National Fertilizer Advisors Course (2003) & National Animal Health Course (2005)

Rian furthermore obtained his AVCASA certificate in Crop Protection in 2008 and is a member of CropLife SA.

Rian’s current main business focus is on specialised plant nutrition, fertigation and bio-stimulants. Rian is also registered as a Professional Natural Scientist (400033/8) and a member of the International Society of Horticultural Sciences (Member nr. 45643).

Rudolf Koch

TMS: Technology

RudolfE@inteligro.co.za Contact

+27 79 635 7078

University of Stellenbosch: BA. Socio – Informatics (2010)
University of Stellenbosch: BA. Hons. Geographic Information Systems (2011)

Rudolf fulfills the product owner role in the development of the InteliFarm app.

He provides technical and marketing support to the Inteligro Crop Solution Specialists with regards to the latest agricultural technology and software platforms.

Thinus Smuts

TMS: Plant Nutrition and Crop Protection

ThinusS@inteligro.co.za Contact

+27 72 477 1987

University of Stellenbosch: BSc. Agric. – Majors: Soil Science and Horticulture (2011)

Thinus obtained his AVCASA certificate in Crop Protection in June 2015 and is a member of CropLife SA.

Thinus provide Technical and Marketing training to the InteliGro Crop Solution Specialists. He also provides Technical Agricultural services to farmers which include farm visits, interpretation of soil and leaf analysis, compilation of crop protection programmes and fertiliser programmes for producers.

Gerrie Ludick

TMS: Crop Protection

GerrieL@inteligro.co.za Contact

+27 82 485 4954

Master’s degree in Sustainable Agriculture

I specialise in supporting InteliGro Crop Solution Specialists regarding general agronomical practices with specific reference to crop protection. Based in Bothaville, my main responsibility lies within the Western Free State and North West Province.

Schalk Lombaard

TMS: Plant Nutrition

SchalkL@inteligro.co.za Send email

BSc Agric Hons Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

Technical support to Crop Solution Specialists in Far North and Mpumalanga for a variety of crops, e.g. citrus, macadamia, avocado, banana, vegetables and row crops.

Wéan Benadie

TMS: Crop Protection

WeanB@inteligro.co.za Contact

+27 82 888 9275

BSc Hons Botany

I'm an agronomist focusing on technical solutions on row crops in the central region of South Africa which is mainly soybean, maize, sunflower, dry beans, grain sorghum, wheat and potatoes. Based in Bethlehem

Mias van der Ryst

Area Manager: Far North

MiasVDF@inteligro.co.za Send email

Agricultural Diploma

Specialising in building personal relationships and assisting producers with permanent crops

  • Integrated crop protection and specialised plant nutrition
  • Bio-rational offering with food safety focus
  • High quality seed and seed care expertise
  • Dedicated in-house product development and formulation
  • Independent and impartial agricultural consulting services
  • Innovative supportive technology
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With our head office situated in Stellenbosch and regional head offices in Wellington, Viljoenskroon, Germiston and Krugersdorp, the Group is a leader in the South African agricultural industry.

We are committed to continuously offer specialist products and services encompassing a holistic set of solutions for crop production.
We have developed a unique and differentiated portfolio of crop solutions through our complementary businesses.

The InteliChem Group is closely aligned with various multi-national research-based suppliers as well as leading local off-patent suppliers, and through our comprehensive distribution channels, widespread market coverage is offered to our supplier base.

Our broad supplier base ensures that new technology is accessible to the Group as part of our offering to our customers.

OUR GROUP VISION: Solutions for sustainable crop production
OUR MISSION: To be the trusted business partner to growers by providing intelligent crop solutions

Our deep routed principles that define our core values can be summarised as follows:

  • Integrity – to always maintain the highest levels of honesty and transparency
  • Inclusive – to include people from different backgrounds in our business and the opportunities it present
  • Excellence – to strive for the best in:
    • Results – average is simply not good enough
    • Innovation – always exploring new ideas, technology and processes
    • Consistency – maintaining a high level of service and expected outcome
  • Relationships with all stakeholders marked by:
    • Respect
    • Trust
    • Collaboration
  • Fun – we want to enjoy what we are doing

The only bottom line that most companies care about is profits.

However, we firmly believe business should be

  • a force for good and
  • benefit more than its shareholders.

So, as well as being profitable, our mission is also to benefit:

  • the environment and
  • the communities in which we operate.

Together they are known as "People, Planet and Profits". We consider ourselves as a positive contributor on all three counts.